ShuffleTube for YouTube free

Enjoy a random topic of Youtube video in the ShuffleTube!

– If you want to flow in for work!
– If you want to find a funny video!
– Who want to find a new of no one knows the video!
– Recommended to those who want to see at random out of the YouTube of the video!

# Easy operation with simple interface
– A lot of the topic of the video and continuous playback at random.
– Operation is simple, just press the shuffle button, and then prepare a video one after another.
– Cat, dog, the game can be played in categories such as.
– Keyword You can also shuffle the results of a search.
– Popularity, evaluation order, you can narrow in the new order.
– And playback before the ads do not go out

# Recommended for Travellers
– I want to see your favorite genre!
– I want to use as a work BGM!
– I want to see a little time!
– Want to continuously play a lot of video!
– Want to check as the story of drinking!
– It is to be healed and in the cat of the video!

● popular category
– Cat
– Kitten
– Dog
– Lizard & Reptiles
– Different animal species
– Bird & Birds of prey
– Bear
– Penguin
– Children & baby
– YouTubers
– Comedy
– Sports
– Cooking
– Anime
– TV Game
– Science
– Radio
– Me playing
– Me singing
– Me dancing
– Touhou Project
– Vocaloid
– Automotive / Vehicle

Whether there was a favorite genre?
Video will continue to rapidly add!

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